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What kind of class is it?

Great question! It's not a spin class, or a Bootcamp, or TRX (although we use them), or Orange Theory, or Crossfit, or any other oddly titled mainstream class format. Our classes focus on a balance of stretching, strengthening, and conditioning. 

Our classes are set up so that they are appropriate for all fitness levels. We like to create a no-judgment atmosphere where beginners can get introduced to fitness, or intermediates can get in a great workout. We have had all sizes, all abilities, and all ages enjoy our group classes. 

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Form Fitness & Starting stretching Classes

What is it like? ***STARTS MARCH 2ND 2020***

Our “Form Fitness Class” is based on a class model that few people have experienced but almost everyone loves. These classes are appropriate for all fitness levels and abilities. It’s NOT Bootcamp or Crossfit, where the emphasis is on performance. We understand that you are just regular people looking to benefit from exercise. We don’t expect you to break records, all we ask is that you move and get healthier. In the class we do strength movements with an emphasis on technique. That way we are getting stronger while minimizing risk of injury. We do plenty of stretching that is a best-bang-for-your-buck approach. This is to optimize your flexibilityand get the most out of your time spent stretching. At the end of each class we have some conditioning to strengthen your heart and lungs.

The “Starting Stretching Class” is focussed solely on flexibility, mobility, and overall helping you move better. It’s called “Starting” stretching because we use stretches and techniques that anyone and everyone can do, and we try to make the biggest difference in our movement in the shortest amount of time. If you’re a beginner you’ll get a lot out of it by learning the best techniques for stretching. If you’re more intermediate or advanced you’ll get even more out of it because you’ll be given tools and direction to push the limits of your flexibility in ways you may never have thought of before.

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